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SAP Business One

(-119) Database server type not supported Integration Framework

If you are trying to configure B1i for Dashboards or other options and you get (-119) Database server type not supported Integration Framework as an error when running the test. This will happen if you try and run B1i on a different server to SAP Business One or SQL. The reason is lack of the SQL Native Client, download and install the SQL Native Client found here: Reboot the server and all will work correctly.


Web browser not supported

If your internet explorer has updated and is no longer supported by your remote desktop connection, you can adapt the mode/version.

1) Open up internet explorer and hit the F12 button.

2) Depending on your computers operating system, the bar will look slightly different. See two options below:


SAP Data Archiving

Information on how to preform a Data Archive in SAP v.8.8 attached PDF file

- Introduction
- Glossary
- Background
- What Data Is Archived?
- How to Prepare for Data Archiving
- Simulating Data Archive Runs
- Archiving Data
- Searching Transactions across Multiple Data Archive Runs
- Copyrights, Trademarks, and Disclaimers


SAP Business One OnDemand taking a long time to start

Problem: SAP Business One is taking a long time to load the menu, between 3 - 30 minutes at times. This happens after selecting your company. Once the menu has loaded everything functions as per normal with slight lag delay

Cause: It only effects SAP Business One 8.82 PL11 on SAP Business One OnDemand 1.0 SP01. Due to a huge amount of B1i events being blocked in queue.

Solution: The fix is to flush the queue of events. Follow these steps: