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Sage Manufacturing

Sage Manufacturing Network Installation

New Network User

  1. Ensure you have completed the Preparation section.
  2. Insert the Sage Line 50 Manufacturing CD into your CD ROM drive. If the installation does not start automatically, open the Windows Start menu, choose Run and type D:\start in the Open box, then click OK. If D: is not your CD ROM drive, then please replace D with the appropriate letter.

The installation procedure is divided into two sections


Modifying your Antivirus Software to Avoid Conflicts with Sage Accounts

Summary: Under certain conditions, the antivirus software you are using to protect your PC may have an adverse effect on the performance of Sage Accounts. When Sage Accounts creates or accesses a file, the antivirus software can lock the file as it performs a scan. This means that Sage Accounts may slow down or appear to hang as the file is locked by the antivirus software. In extreme circumstances, antivirus software can also affect the stability and general functionality of Sage Accounts. We recommend Symantec Endpoint, for more information on Symantec Endpoint click here.