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Opening Sage Accounts v21+ shows 'Queue.dta is in use' or hangs or closes on the splash window

Ocassionally when opening Sage 50 (right after isntalling it) the following error message will appear:


Queue.dta is in use

Please wait until this file is avaiable.


This happens if the Sage Data Service doesn't have full access to your data files, or if your data is stored on a path in any of the following locations:


Sage 50 2016 (v22) - System Requirements

System requirements for Sage 50 Accounts Version 22 


 Sage 50 Accounts v22

Note: The Sage Data Service has the same system requirements as Sage 50 Accounts v22.   


Supported operating systems  

All 32-bit or 64-bit variants of the following operating systems: 

Note: Please ensure all the latest Microsoft Service Packs and Updates are installed.


• Windows 10

• Windows 8.1

• Windows 8 

• Windows 7

• Windows Vista

• Windows Server 2012 *

• Windows Server 2012 R2*

• Windows Server 2008 *

• Windows Server 2008 R2 * 



Sage 50 Pre-Install Check: Is Current User Admin?

Sage 50 Pre-Installation Admin check:

Before you install Sage 50 Accounts you should check that your computer meets the recommended system requirements.

To successfully install Sage 50 Accounts you must log onto your computer as an administrator. If you don't have administrator access, your software may not install correctly.

To check if the current user is a local administrator - Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Open the Start menu > click the user account picture. 

    If the computer is not part of a domain, the user status appears below the user name.


Install A New Copy

A typical installation of Sage 50 Accounts should take no more than ten minutes.


Before you start

Before you install Sage 50 Accounts it's essential to check that your computer meets the recommended system requirements.

If you intend to use Sage 50 Accounts in a network environment and the data will be held on a server, you must ensure you have access to this server before installing the new software. If your IT support is handled by a third party you may need to contact them to make any necessary arrangements.




Upgrade your current version



  • Check data and back up

If you are upgrading your software from a previous version, you should check your data and take a backup first.

  • Check your installation path

Before you upgrade, to guarantee that your new software installs to the correct location, you must know where your existing version was installed to. In Sage 50 Accounts, to find this information:


Error 1327.Invalid Drive

At the start of a Sage 50 Accounts installation you may get Error 1327 Invalid Drive


The cause could be due to having a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server setup to host all users local documents, to resolve you can try the following steps

NOTE: This is best to have your local IT support complete, as editing the registry can cause problems. 

IMPORTANT: It is likely that the path is simply incorrect, for example the path is "H:\Documents" instead of "H:\My Documents", you may wish to correct the path, or the local computers documents path.


Recommended installation procedure

Recommended Installation procedure

1. Do a full backup of all companies in Sage Line 50. Select the option to include all files, not just data files.

2. Run the Maintenance check data option to ensure that you have no current errors present. If there are errors, you need to resolve these problems before continuing with the upgrade. Print out the error report for record keeping.