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Forecast 5

Ways to update Forecast 5 version 3

Currently there are a few ways to update Forecast 5, below is a list of the current methods:



1. Forecast 5 version 3 is currently setup with Automatic Updates. When a new update is available the following message should appear when you first launch Forecast 5.


2. If the automatic update is not working you can check for updates within Forecast 5 under Help > Update Forecast 5



F5 Install Error: Could Not Open Key Error Message

Could Not Open Key Error Message

During installations of Forecast 5 ocassionally the above error message is given.

This is a local permission error on the ccomputer, and requires editing the permissions for the Forecast 5 in the registry to allow the installation to complete.  This is not a common error.



Run REGEDIT (if you cannot run this, you will need to log in as administrator to complete)


Corrupt Forecast 5 Recovery

If you are receiving an error when trying to open a forecast, you can attempt to recover it using the steps below:


  • Get client to email the file after exporting it


  • Import the file to your Forecast 5


  • Start a new consolidation


  • Link to the imported forecast


  • Export the file list


  • Import the file list to a “New Forecast”


  • Save and Export that forecast and email back to client.


This allowed me to recover the basic structure and values entered in a forecast.


Updating User Logins

If you would like to personalise your username and password for Forecast 5, login to Forecast 5 with the default details:

Username: Admin

Password: (blank)

Then go to Update Current User


Change the username, enter the old password and enter a new password. Click Ok.


Consolidation Error: Differing start dates


When running a consolidation you may receive the following error:


Ensure that all dates are the same and that all forecast run for the same number of years.

If all these parameters are identical but you are still receiving the above error; read on.


This error is caused by time zone difference between the database and the client that generated the export forecast file.


Fix List since version 2.0.136





Fixed 32/64-bit issues

Fixed actual cash flows, funds flow for foreign currency records

Fixed rolling exchange movements and retained earnings

Fixed assigning of SQL server and database

Added bank account other creditor/debtor for interest accrued

Improved speed on open forecast

Improved speed on data input


Forecast 5 Installation Checklist

Forecast 5 Installation Checklist:


Before beginning your install of Forecast 5, we recommend you run through this check list to ensure that you do not run into any issues.






Admin permissions on computer and SQL server




Import GL codes


Add GL code to any record (this will let you see the set up in excel and keep your record layout)


Click the export record details button (with Excel open):


Go to your excel spreadsheet and paste

GL codes appear in the C column


You can then add your GL codes