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How to create an Excel combination chart from scratch

After you have created your Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, you can visually represent the worksheet data by creating a chart.  Charts often make your data clearer and easier to understand.

If you find that the data is not in sequence or in a group of cells, you may need to create your own series, specifying the labels and values. Data can be extracted from different worksheets and even workbooks.

TIP: To create a quick chart, select any cell within the data range and press F11.

In this tip, we are going to create a combination chart from scratch showing the difference between the Sales and Purchases.


SQL Execution error Table not found

SQL Execution error Table not found

When trying to run a report out the following type of error is received:


CAUSE: There is no SQL server login/user created for connection to your Schema.

RESOLUTION/WORKAROUND: If you are creating a manual connection in Alchemex to connect to a Database where there are generally multiple schemas. You have to create a separate login in SQL server to connect to a single schema. This will then resolve the error: