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Later version's of Windows are released with multiple editions, such as Home, Home Premium, Professional etc, each of these editions come with the option of being 32 bits or 64 bits to support and take advantage of your computers processor.

It is important for certain software that you know if you're running a 32 bit or 64 bit Operating System (Windows), as some software requires different settings, below I'm going to show you how to quickly find out if you're running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

In this example I'm using Windows 8, however the steps are much the same.

  1. Hit the Windows Key on your keyboard
  2. Start typing 'Computer' until 'Computer' shows under Apps (Windows 8 onlyNOTE: For Windows 7 and below you'd see Computer on the right-pane of the start menu
  3. Right-click on Computer, to show the additional options menu and select 'Properties'. NOTE: For Windows 7 and below you'd see a drop-down menu, simply select Properties
  4. The System window now appears, from this window we can see what System Type of Windows we're running, see the image below as you can see I've highlighted that my Operating System is 64-bit

    As you can see my machine is running a 64-bit Operating System, it would be clearly stated as 32-bit Operating System otherwise

    If you require further assistance please consultant your IT contact

It's a simple 4 step process, where we've made an article for your convienece, please see Article #436 here for the quick guide and details

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This may be a cause of your anti-virus software, especially if you're using Eset NOD32, please see this article another cause may be if your network is running mixed operating systems of Windows XP and Windows Vists/Windows 7 or Windows 2008. If you are running a mixed environment please contact Passage Support and request more information on the Health Check tools

We have a range of options available. We offer classroom training on some products, one on one training, training specifically for your business where we can come to you or you may wish to use our training facilities. We also offer online training for Sage WinForecast so that you complete training in your own time at your own pace from your own location.