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Consolidation Error: Differing start dates


When running a consolidation you may receive the following error:


Ensure that all dates are the same and that all forecast run for the same number of years.

If all these parameters are identical but you are still receiving the above error; read on.


This error is caused by time zone difference between the database and the client that generated the export forecast file.


Forecast 5 Installation Checklist

Forecast 5 Installation Checklist:


Before beginning your install of Forecast 5, we recommend you run through this check list to ensure that you do not run into any issues.






Admin permissions on computer and SQL server




Error 5: When editing users

If you are getting a Run-Time error 5 message when trying to edit Users causing Partner to crash out you need to Overwrite the accuser data file.


To overwrite the Accuser file follow the instructions in the downloadable word document



Web browser not supported

If your internet explorer has updated and is no longer supported by your remote desktop connection, you can adapt the mode/version.

1) Open up internet explorer and hit the F12 button.

2) Depending on your computers operating system, the bar will look slightly different. See two options below:


Fix List since version 2.0.136





Fixed 32/64-bit issues

Fixed actual cash flows, funds flow for foreign currency records

Fixed rolling exchange movements and retained earnings

Fixed assigning of SQL server and database

Added bank account other creditor/debtor for interest accrued

Improved speed on open forecast

Improved speed on data input


SQL Error: Incorrect syntax near 'len'

When trying to convert an Evolution database to a newer version of Evolution you may recieve the following SQL error message:

Eg. from Evolution  v6.81.48 to v6.82.69

Incorrect syntax near 'len'

CREATE function [dbo].[_efnSplitString] (

  @InputString varchar(max),

  @SplitChar char(1))

returns table

with encryption





Alchemex Integration with Sage 2014

Unable to select Sage 50 Accounts 2014:

  1. Download and the save the file using the download link below
  2. Open the Connector
  3. Select the ‘Tools’ tab.
  4. Click on ‘Update Metabase’
  5. Select the PUP file, it will ask you if you are sure, click OK
  6. A confirmation pop box should appear to confirm it was OK, it’s very quick.
  7. Double click on the home ‘Enterprise’ at the top of the Connector to refresh and the v30 connection should appear.
  8. Add a connection here & in the ‘Data File Path’ add the path to the ACCDATA folder, any passwords etc.



Act! v16 - Outlook 2013 add-in will not stay enabled

You may run into a issue where the Outlook addin does not enable.

Programs like Team-Viewer can keep the Outlook addin from being loaded properly as they use the same DLL file.

Anything that states it's using MSCOREE.DLL may stop the Outlook addin from staying active.

So enable those addons, they can be inactive just not disabled.